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fotógrafo y video de bodas en Málaga Y Marbella, Antonio Boalis

Hello, I'm Antonio, Aquarius sign, 1980.

When I turned 14 I received a photo camera as a gift and since then I have always carried one with me.

At the age of 20 I started working as an advertising photographer and since 2009 I have been a professional wedding photographer. And two seasons later, I started offering video as well.

I think that an entertaining way to tell you about my career is for you to know why I use the stage name Antonio Boalis.

... and not the one of birth, Antonio Moreno.

I think you'll like it :)

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Actor in Hollywood and Photographer in Rome

My birth name is Antonio Moreno and yes, you read correctly, it is also the name of a Spanish actor who worked in Hollywood, he was the first of all, more than a century ago.

I will briefly tell you how I got to him (...and to hundreds of other Antonios Morenos scattered around the world!).

In 2008 the Italian publisher Lem Art Group selected one of my projects to distribute it worldwide.

This publishing house was the exclusive owner throughout Italy of the rights to the work of Picasso or Van Gogh, among other icons of art history.

The project that I presented to them was a personal challenge faced in the 2004-05 academic year, when I was living in Rome...

"Shoot a photo essay of St. Peter's Basilica daily life, trying to be always elegant and when possible, also different."

That's the same intentionality I've got today when facing each wedding.

Distributed in 6 languages with the title "FAITH - Città del Vaticano by Antonio Moreno", two complete editions were sold among museums and bookstores around the world, for a total of 2,500 copies.

As soon as they published it, I jumped to search for my name on Google, hoping to find all the links to the calendar, although the only "Antonio Moreno" that appeared to me among the results was this man:

Wow! I had never heard of him (I guess you didn't either), but there was Antonio Moreno, a Spanish actor in the early days of Hollywood.

Obviously it would be an honor to share a first and last name if it were only with him, but as you will have seen in the link, the combination is so common that Google offers more than 200 million results for it!

And of course other photographers appear on the list.

I understood that I had to find "another surname" if I wanted to continue my career and that a potential client (for example, you) would find me easily after seeing my name somewhere.

You are right! ...it was not necessary to mention Antonio Moreno from Hollywood in the title of the page, but I did not want to miss that advantage to capture your attention and get you here... I hope you can forgive me! (Although it is also a cultural fact that very few people in Spain know and now you do).

Below I would like you to know two important details of my past...

Although you can jump up

Wait! This Is Important... Before Being a Photographer I Was a Painter

I started taking photos when I was fourteen simply as references to make my paintings.

At that age, I spent the day among brushes and oils, attending the studies of various painters and even going so far as to enter the University of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain, when the entrance exam still existed.

At the beginning of the millennium, the badly wounded market for artistic painting in southern Spain had just succumbed, with those two strokes that were the change from the peseta coin to the euro and the subsequent crisis of 2009.

Before that, I had time to work with several galleries (today disappeared), organize two individual exhibitions and even win few painting prizes, such as the 1st Prize at the Seville Medical College annual contest or the 3rd Prize at Seville City Council annual contest.

Thanks to being enrolled in the University of Fine Arts and always taking a look at the notice board, one afternoon in spring 2009 I noticed an offer that a former student had posted, looking for a photographer for his wedding. I called him, we interviewed and he selected me among the candidates. It was my first client.

So thanks to being a painter for a good part of my life, I am a (wedding) photographer today.

And Before Weddings, I Worked as a Graphic and Interior Designer

Thanks mainly to the low quality of the teaching that I found at the University of Fine Arts (I am talking about the year 2000) and my disagreement with what seemed to me a waste of time, I decided to leave the classes and take advantage of one of those opportunities that do not come two times in life.

And it is that, with the only experience of an Annual Degree in Graphic Design (Homologated by Cambridge University) obtained the year before being accepted at Fine Arts University, I ended up being the only plastic author of the communication of the first coffee shops group in Andalusia, Café de Indias, debuting with the client when they had just opened the third shop and staying for 4 years until they were more than 50 shops throughout Spain.

So, as a freelance and always supervised by the company's marketing department and the designer of the shops and brand concept, I was the only plastic author of the communication, therefore making all the photographs, logo design of related brands, vehicle wrapping, packaging, poster graphics, brochures, menus, product illustrations, advertisings in press, magazines and billboards, and even designing a mascot and a 3d animated logo for a TV ad.

This brand still holds the record of being the most successful Andalusian hospitality brand in history, reaching a turnover of 22 million euros at the end of 2004.

That year I decided to park a professional life that had perhaps started too early and go to Italy to continue studying, this time a 3 Years Private Diploma in Industrial Design (doing Thesis in Interior Design), then staying in Milan to work in two architecture studios, until the end of 2008.

In 2009 the sandwiches shops group Rodilla bought Café de Indias and contacted the designer of the original concept, to unify the image of the more than 100 shops resulting from the merger.

He asked me to return from Italy to help him and so I did. Again a great opportunity not to miss. As graphic designer I got to develop the new graphic concept, sent as reference model to the advertising company McCann Erickson and as interior designer I participated in the projects of several shops, one of which stood out at Las Ramblas, Barcelona. At the end of 2009 the crisis settled in Spain and the entire project was canceled.

At that moment, and just for having some daily homework, I re-enrolled at the University of Fine Arts, almost 10 years after I left it. A few months later, I found that notice in the board of a former student looking for a wedding photographer.

Returning to Weddings... Where does Boalis Come from Then?

When I started painting, at fourteen, my photography skills were limited to framing and shooting (in automatic).

lisboa 1998 contact print
It was years later when I learned photographic technique, in Lisbon, Portugal (Lisboa in Portuguese), from the hands of Joao Mourao, a friend of the family, a photographer not by profession, but with publications already at that time in various Portuguese and international magazines.

In that city I learned concepts such as "diaphragm aperture", "shutter speed" or "film sensitivity" and there I therefore consciously shot my first reel, approaching photography as the final product and not as an intermediate step.

As a small tribute to such a beautiful city and how much it meant in my beginnings as a photographer, since spring 2013 I "adopted" the surname Boalis which is nothing but Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese), with its syllables exchanged:

antonio boalis fotografo lisboa

Antonio Boalis and AB Heart are Registered Trademarks

Defined the stage name, now it was time to design a logo that would distinguish me from the rest of wedding photographers.

I searched from the beginning for a symbol that wasn't following to this widespread trend consisting in using some evocative object from nature or adventure drawn by hand: a tree, an airplane, a balloon, the moon, a dolphin...

antonio boalis heart registered brand
And it is that although it is usual to find very beautiful drawings in this kind of logos, it seems to me that in any of them the name of the photographer could be changed and they would still be just as valid. We could say that, although they are communicative, they are really not too much characteristic and unique.

Then I discovered Bret Butterstein's logo and understood that the answer was to play with my initials. Find a way to combine A and B by creating a unique set of lines and if possible that had any connection to wedding photography.

I am sure that reading Bruno Munari for so many years has part of the responsibility and especially to have in my library the masterpiece "Da cosa nasce cosa" (One thing leads to another) which I reread from time to time. I drew each initial on a piece of paper and started rotating them. Suddenly there it appeared, without adding anything else, I had a heart in front of my eyes!

The name Antonio Boalis, the isotype and the idea of representing a heart by placing one letter on top of another, with the relevant twists (whether they are A and B as other similar ones) are registered trademarks, property of Antonio Moreno Gómez.

Was the Lisbon one All your Training as a Photographer?

In 2004, before settling in Italy, I attended two workshops that marked me greatly, with photographers Alberto García-Alix (National Prize 1999) and José Manuel Navia (Agence Vù, París).

taller alberto garcia-alix el retrato cobertura sevilla
Back in Spain since 2009, starting my career as a wedding photographer, I attended the two most important national events in the sector for several editions. On the one hand BodaF and on the other FDF Foro de Fotógrafos.

At these events I had the opportunity to discover many techniques and tips from some of the best wedding photographers in the world, such as: Ben & Erin Chrisman, Sean Flanigan, Pedro Etura, Ross Harvey, Dylan Howell, Tanja Lippert, Cafa Liu or Fer Juaristi.

In addition, I was able to attend several workshops taught by first-rate photographers and videographers, highlighting that of Samo Rovan, in 2014, which was a turning point in my understanding of the profession of the wedding photographer.

Do you have any Recognition in Wedding Photography?

I do not believe too much in photography contests, since they usually reward an image individually, without taking into account the history of the whole day or the continuity or general quality of the complete report, made up of more than 1,000 photographs.

Still, from the Fearless Photoghraphers community, one of the most select on the internet, I was distinguished with a "Right on!", prelude mentions to their prestigious Fearless Awards.


...and that's it! It is an honor for me that you have reached the end :)

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